Finance Council Minutes



AUGUST 16, 2018



Those present: Fr. Grant Gerlach, Julie Hill, Deacon Tom Adams and Joan Roe (bookkeeper and recording secretary).

Those absent: Mike Fleming and Kerry Peters.

Guest: Poncho Torres. Poncho asked the Finance Council members if the church could purchase a hearing assistance box for the musicians, particularly for use by Ivan Dayley. Ivan has a hard time hearing the other musicians and is therefore off key much of the time. At first Poncho mentioned that he and Alan Padgett would contribute the cost of the hearing assistance box, and then he said the church could reimburse them for it. Fr. Gerlach suggested to Poncho that he speak with Alan to see if they want to donate all or part of the cost, and if only part, what percentage would be donated and what percentage would be reimbursed. Poncho said he would visit with Alan to see what they would like to do and get back to Joan.


The minutes were reviewed. Deacon Tom made the motion to accept the minutes as written and Julie Hill seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Year End Finance Reports

The fiscal year-end financial reports were reviewed. Discussion was held on what the Restricted Fund Transfer was. The Restricted Fund Transfer is used when funds are taken from the Facility Improvement Fund and moved to the General Fund when the funds used for the purchase of a particular item should be taken from the Facility Improvement Fund. Examples of this from the past are the purchase of the commercial refrigerator and freezer that were purchased for the parish hall kitchen a few years ago, or the new carpet that was purchased in the last fiscal year. At the end of the fiscal year, these items are transferred to the Balance Sheet. Julie made the motion to accept the financial reports and Deacon Tom seconded the motion.

Monthly Finance Reports

In his absence, Mike asked Joan to visit with the council about Joan sending out monthly financial reports since we meet only on a quarterly basis. Discussion was held on this idea and it was concluded that if anyone on the Finance Council would like to receive monthly reports, he/she should contact Joan and ask her to send them to him/her.

New Dishwasher for Parish Hall Kitchen

In an email sent out by Mike prior to the Finance Council meeting, Mike said that he and Deacon Craig Pearson were still working on finding a new dishwasher for the parish hall kitchen. They were hoping to purchase a tabletop dishwasher, but they are very expensive (around $10,000.00). The new one, therefore, will still be a floor level dishwasher, and will cost around $5,000.00. The money will come from the Facility Improvement Fund, just like the refrigerator and freezer did a few years ago. (On a side note, Deacon Craig gave Joan information on a dishwasher and Joan ordered the dishwasher on the morning of August 21st from Commercial Kitchen Products, the same company where the refrigerator and freezer were purchased from.) Deacon Craig and Greg Lacey will install the new dishwasher when it arrives.


Fr. Gerlach has ordered a set of Marian vestments that includes the matching stole, dalmatic and deacon’s stole. Fr. Gerlach mentioned that this particular material doesn’t drape very well. When he was in Martin, he looked at the vestments that the pastor had there and was much more impressed with the material and the way it draped. He also mentioned that the vestments at the State Veterans Home are beginning to wear out, so when we get new vestments for the church, we could possibly take the old vestments from here and use then at the SVH. Father hopes to order other vestments, etc., soon.


New Finance Council Member

A few months ago, David Schiefen was asked to become a member of the Finance Council after Charlie Reynar’s resignation. Soon after, David left Hot Springs for a job somewhere else, so we are still looking for a new member. The name of Pat Russell was mentioned, but since he doesn’t attend Mass regularly, it was decided he wouldn’t be asked to become a member. The name Patsy Davis was also mentioned, but she works during the time we normally hold our meetings. It was concluded that we need to keep thinking about someone who would be a good fit for the Council.


Future Expenditures

Since the Council was running short on time, no discussion was held on future expenditures.


The next meeting date will be Thursday, October 25 at 4:00 p.m.


The closing prayer was led by Fr. Gerlach.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan M. Roe

(Bookkeeper and Recording Secretary)