Ministry Schedule


St. Anthony of Padua

Ministry Schedule for August 2019

If you cannot fulfill your ministerial duty, please find a substitute. Servers must arrive in the sacristy 15 minutes before Mass. 





Sunday, August 4, 10:30am

Sacristan:              Tom Cone II

Crucifer:                John G. Lane

Light:                     Brock Schroeder, Martin Lane

Observer:             Bridget Lane

Readers:              1: Patsy Davis

                             2: Marilyn Torres

EMHC:                 Maggie LaRocque, Steve Collins

                             Bridget Berkley, Heather Schroeder

Greeters/Ushers:  Fran Birkholt, Barb Bogner

                             Joe & Karen Muller


Sunday, August 11, 10:30am

Sacristan:             Rowan Christopher

Crucifer:                Jimmy Hayes

Light:                     Maggie & Winston Preuss

Observer:              Daltyn Schmit

Readers:               1: Tom Cone II

                             2: Larry Roberts

EMHC:                 Joyce Farrell, Kay Birkholt

                             Irma Fees, Fran Birkholt

Greeters/Ushers:  Gary Schuh, Dick O=Connor

                              Frank Birkholt, Jeanette Rail


Wednesday, August 14, 6:00pm

Solemnity of the Assumption of the BVM

Sacristan:              Steve Collins

Crucifer:                Bob Novotny

Light:                     Aubryanna & Chance Schmit

Thurifer:                Lily Theilmann

Observer:              Bridget Lane

Readers:               1: Mike Erk

                              2: Irma Fees

EMHC:                  Fran Birkholt, Larry Roberts

Greeters/Ushers:  Patsy Davis, Laurie Tarrell



Sunday, August 18, 10:30am

Sacristan:              Theresa Blausey

Crucifer  :              Frank Birkholt

Light:                     Lily Theilmann, Braxton Watson

Observer:              Daltyn Schmit

Readers:               1: Joyce Farrell

                              2: Lori Hofer

EMHC:                  Rob Delk, Tom Cone II

                             Bob Novotny, Maggie LaRocque   

Greeters/Ushers:  Diana Bader, Irma Fees

                             Poncho & Marilyn Torres


Sunday, August 25, 10:30am

Sacristan:              Crispeen Stover

Crucifer:                Karina Watson

Light:                     Brooke & Marcus Harkless

Observer:              Bridget Lane

Readers:               1: Tom Farrell

                              2: Joyce Hayes

EMHC:                  Barb Bogner, Joni Hill

                              Julie Hill, Bridget Berkley

Greeters/Ushers:   Joyce Farrell, Kayden Hansen

                               Linda Phares, Dwayne Breyer


If you know of a time in September when you will not be able to fulfill your liturgical function, please let the parish office know as soon as possible. Thank you!