Pastoral Council Minutes



MAY 23, 2019


Those present: Fr. Grant Gerlach, Danny DeFries, Kay Birkholt, Julie Hill, John Lane, Alisa Birkholt & Joan Roe (recording secretary).


Those absent: Greg Lacey & Gary Palo.


The opening prayer was led by Fr. Gerlach.


Last meeting’s minutes: The minutes were read prior to the meeting. John made the motion to accept the minutes as written and Alisa seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Pastoral Planning/Brainstorming (based on DPP)/New Business:

Fr. Gerlach spoke to the group about Pastoral Ministry Days and the fact that it was geared towards Parish Pastoral Councils. The videos and article are on the Diocesan website at Fr. Gerlach asks that the PPC members watch these videos (The Council of Jerusalem; Bones & Cartilage of the Neck; and One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic) and read the article (The Seven “C”s) on their own at home before our next meeting. Fr. Gerlach will have Joan send out some questions to answer regarding each video/article for everyone to answer before our next meeting at which time we will discuss them.

Year of the Eucharist: A decree was inserted in the April 28, 2019 bulletin and is also in the West River Catholic. Clergy Days was focused on the Eucharist.

Old Business

  1. Amazon Smile Program: Danny explained to the members that the Knights of Columbus are an ineligible entity for this program due to their 501c3 status.
  2. Books Bags for children under 7: The Catholic Daughters will put book bags together and gather books for this endeavor (books for children to use during Mass). Fr. Gerlach asked that the group reach out to some of the families in the parish who have younger children to get this promoted.
  3. Forgiven Series & interest in future small group discussions: Alisa said there is a 10-session series by Brant Pitre entitled “Lectio Eucharist” that could be used since we are entering the Year of the Eucharist. She also mentioned the CD by Scott Hahn entitled “The Fourth Cup”. Fr. Gerlach mentioned the CD by Scott Hahn entitled “Evangelizing Catholics”.
  4. Social Ministry Update: Kay handed out the results of the two brainstorming sessions that were held on April 9/10. Approximately 8 people came to the two sessions. She mentioned she will reach out to Catholic Social Services for ideas and resources.

The next meeting will be held on Sat., June 15, from 9-11a. At this meeting discussion will be held on the answers to the questions regarding the videos/article from Pastoral Ministry Days shown above.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer by Fr. Gerlach.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan M. Roe

(recording secretary)