Parish Finance Council - Minutes

JULY 29, 2019

Those present: Fr. Grant Gerlach, Rob Delk, Julie Hill, Kerry Peters, Deacon Tom Adams, Diana Bader & Joan Roe (bookkeeper & recording secretary).

Fr. Gerlach opened the meeting with a prayer.

The minutes from the last two meetings (4/25 & 6/24/19) were reviewed. Diana made the motion and Julie seconded to accept the minutes as read. All were in favor.

The fiscal year-end reports were reviewed. Some questions were brought forth and discussion was held on the depreciable items on the income & expense statement. Julie made the motion to accept the financial reports and Deacon Tom seconded. All were in favor.

Old Business

The fiscal year 2019-2020 budget was reviewed. One mistake was found so Joan will correct the mistake. It will raise our budget by another $1,530.00. Deacon Tom made the motion to approve the budget with the correction and Kerry seconded.

Discussion was held on the acoustic panels for the church to help absorb some of the echo in the church. Joan stated she had not heard any complaints about the sound. Fr. Gerlach asked that we table this item until our meeting in October.

The Wish List & List of Repairs/Needs was discussed briefly. Rob asked if the HVAC system at the rectory had been installed. Joan stated it was installed last week. Joan reported that we purchased LED lights for the entryway, library and two offices. Greg will install these when he has time. The motion sensor lights for the basement have not been installed yet. Greg will also do this when he has time, along with the solar motion light for the outside of the building that will help light up the south sidewalk to the corner west of the church.

New Business

Fr. Gerlach spoke to the council about Joe Clifford and the fact that he has had a trespass order served to him.

The Parish Corporation checklist will be addressed at our meeting in October as we ran out of time.

The next meeting date will Saturday, October 19, at 9a in the library.

Fr. Gerlach closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Joan M. Roe (bookkeeper & recording secretary)