Parish Pastoral Council - Minutes




AUGUST 1, 2019


Those present: Fr. Grant Gerlach, Dan DeFries, Kay Birkholt, Alisa Birkholt, John Lane & Joan Roe (recording secretary).

Those absent: Gary Palo, Greg Lacey, & Julie Hill.

 The opening prayer was led by Fr. Gerlach.

 The minutes from May 23, 2019 were reviewed. Alisa made the motion to accept the minutes as written and John seconded the motion. All were in favor.


There was no old business presented at this time in the meeting. However, old business was brought up before the end of the meeting. Please see below.


New Business

Alisa and Gary’s terms will be up at the end of September. Discussion was held on the nomination and election procedures. Joan had these forms with her at the meeting and some adjustments will be made to these forms before nominations, which will be held the September 8 during Mass. Elections will take place on September 29 during Mass. Requirements will be announced in the bulletin prior to nominations as well as placed on the back of the nomination forms. A list of nominees will be placed on the back of the ballot forms after the individuals who were nominated have been asked if they are willing to run for the Parish Pastoral Council.


The fiscal year 2019-2020 was briefly discussed. Joan spoke of an error on the budget for Other Lawn Care. The budget showed $170.00 when it should have been $1,700.00


Fr. Gerlach spoke with the PPC members about the actions of Joe Clifford.


Year of the Eucharist Materials: Alisa spoke about the fact that she and Frank are planning to have a small group of adults in the home to study some of the Year of the Eucharist materials. Another idea was to split up the congregation into three small groups: grades 1-5; 6-12 & adults, to study the Year of the Eucharist materials on a Wednesday evening.


Old Business

Kay Birkholt handed an idea sheet out to all the PPC members concerning Social Services & Outreach. Some discussion was held on the some of the ideas.


The next meeting will be held Thursday, October 3, at 6:15p in the projector room.


Fr. Gerlach closed the meeting with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan M. Roe, Recording Secretary