Parish Pastoral Council - Minutes


Those present: Fr. Grant Gerlach, Dan DeFries, Mary Kay Thompson, Kay Birkholt, Joshua Schuh, John Lane and Joan Roe (recording secretary).

Those absent: Julie Hill.

The opening prayer was led by Fr. Gerlach.

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed prior to the meeting. John made the motion to accept the minutes as written and Dan seconded the motion.

Old Business

  1. Western S.D. Catholic Foundation Grant: St. Anthony's received a $2,000 grant. The grant money will be used to provide community-wide dinners from mid-April to mid-October for approximately 100-125 people/week and will be served once a week from 4:30-6p. The dinners would consist of pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Kay will provide Joan with a bulletin blurb for a Parish Social Ministry Kick-Off Meeting concerning this endeavor.
  2. Hot Springs Food Pantry: Kay spoke to the PPC members about the fact that additional Food Pantry hours are from 10a-noon every Saturday to accommodate those who may be working during the hours the Pantry is open during the week. She also mentioned that the Food Pantry is looking to rent, with the option to buy, the old Hot Springs Star building.
  3. Mailings:
    1. Fr. Gerlach told the PPC members that the Parish Finance Council decided they would send a donation of $200 to the Dominican Sisters to help with the costs of providing for their overabundance of vocations. The donation would hopefully be split between St. Anthony's Church and the Knights of Columbus, each providing $100 towards the donation. We would also send in a prayer request with the donation.
    2. Melanie Adcock and the pre-school daycare: Fr. Gerlach learned that Melanie has started a pre-school/daycare in Chadron, Neb. Therefore, we will not be helping her in her endeavor.

New Business

  1. Western S.D. Catholic Foundation: Fr. Gerlach told the members that Tim Henderson, the Executive Director of the WSDCF, will be coming to speak briefly during Mass and will speak with parishioners after Mass about the Foundation on Sun., Feb. 9. Then, on Sun., Feb. 23, following Mass he and others will present a seminar to those who are interested in attending.
  2. TruGreen Lawn Care: Discussion was held on the services provided by TruGreen for both the church and rectory grounds. Some didn't think the services provided and the price they charged were worth the money. Dan and John said all we really need is weed and feed. After some discussion, it was decided that we would forego their lawn service for 2020 and revisit this topic next year. Fr. Gerlach then suggested that we use the money to tear out the two sidewalks that lead up to the front door of the rectory and put in steppingstones to the front entrance. He asked Dan to see what it would take to remove the existing sidewalks and see if a walkway with stones could be installed either from the public sidewalk to the front door or from the front door of the rectory along the front of the rectory to the driveway on the east.
  3. Up Walker: Discussion was held on possibly purchasing an Up Walker, which is basically a chair and walker combined into one. Some of the members said that if a parishioner has need for one of this, they usually have their own to use. It was decided not to make this purchase since we already have a walker and a wheelchair in the building.
  4. Demographics and Mass Counts: Fr. Gerlach spoke to the members about having parishioners review their demographic information each February so their information can be updated each year in PowerChurch. However, he stated that we wouldn't begin that process until February, 2021. He also spoke about Mass Counts, which usually take place in the month of September with very little notice from the Diocese. He said during September, especially in Custer, there are still quite a few vacationers and these people can skew the numbers, so he decided February would be the best month to take these counts. Counts will be taken up every Sunday during the month of February each year by the Sunday Greeters/Ushers.
  5. Parish Pastoral Council Constitution: Discussion on the possible changes to the PPC Constitution was postponed until the next meeting.
  6. Fr. Gerlach asked the members if they had any comments on the contents of the website Josh said there was a lot of information on PPCs and many paths you could take in viewing this information. Mary Kay said the purpose of the PPC is Pastoral Planning, not implementation.

Fr. Gerlach asked the PPC members to review the proposed changes to the PPC Constitution before the next meeting and come with any comments or concerns regarding the changes.

The next meeting date was set for Wed., March 4, 6:15p, in the Projector Room.

Fr. Gerlach led us in a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Joan M. Roe
Recording Secretary