Diocesan Strategic Planning Process

You are invited to a
Parish Town Hall Meeting
regarding the current
Diocesan Strategic Planning Process

Thursday, June 2, 6pm
St. Anthony of Padua (Hot Springs)
Parish Hall
538 University Ave.

(Second) Parish Town Hall Meeting
Thursday, June 2

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(First) Parish Town Hall Meeting
Thursday, February 3

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This (First) Meeting sought to accomplish

  • ~ Providing a summary of the situation within the Diocese ~
  • ~ Proposing some advantages of this Process ~
  • ~ Soliciting feedback from the faithful regarding this Process ~

Bishop Peter Muhich referenced this Process
in the October edition of the West River Catholic
The Synod of Bishops and Planning for Our Future as a Diocese

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Diocesan Strategic Planning Process
Proposed Operating Values

Please visit www.RapidCityDiocese.org/StrategicPlanning for more information regarding this Process.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is leading this Planning process.

We will observe all relevant norms of Church doctrine (i.e., teaching) and law.

We will not presume that the way it has always been, is the way that it must be. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we will learn and be open to change as we engage this Planning process.

Every effort will be made to provide opportunities for all members of the parish to be aware of and involved in this Planning process.

The strategic pastoral plan should include proposals for the recruitment, formation, affirmation, and support for priests, deacons, religious, and lay leadership for ministry and parishes.

We acknowledge that not every part of the Diocese, especially mission territory, functions according to the norms that typically govern parish structure and life. We will respect this diversity, and work as one body to meet the needs of all.

The weekend [Sunday] Mass will remain central to our Planning efforts.

The support and nurture of healthy, viable parishes is paramount to our Planning efforts.

Parish priests should not celebrate more than four weekend [Sunday] Masses (two per day).

Priests will not be asked or expected to serve beyond the canonical [retirement] age of 75.

Considering the vast distances and small populations in much of the Diocese, we will strive to balance the distance the faithful drive to attend Mass, the distance the priest drives to provide Mass, and the distances at which priests live from one another.

If the parish church can accommodate everyone in one Mass, unnecessary duplication of weekend [Sunday] Masses for the convenience of people will be avoided.

Note: more information may be provided in the future.

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Parish Town Hall Meetings
(#2) Thursday, June 9, 6pm
(#1) Thursday, January 27, 6pm
St. John the Baptist (Custer)
Parish Hall
449 Harney St.

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(#2) Sunday, June 12, following Mass
(#1) Sunday, January 30, following Mass
St. James (Edgemont)
Parish Center
306 3rd Ave.

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