Electronic Giving

We have partnered with Vanco Payment Solutions to provide the option of giving electronically to financially support the parish church. There are two ways to give:

Note: Vanco is currently transitioning to their products listed in #1-#2 from their products listed in #3-#4. If you are utilizing either of their products in #3-#4, please see #1-#2. (Additional note: their soon-to-be legacy products in #3-#4 will only be available through Jan. 31, 2022.)

  1. Online via Vanco Online (re-directs to MyVanco.com)
  2. Mobile via Vanco Mobile app (simply search for "Vanco Mobile" in your mobile device's app store)
  3. Online via the Vanco site (re-directs to eServicePayments.com)
  4. Mobile via the Vanco "GivePlus Mobile" app (go to the bottom of the page and select your device's app store or simply search for "GivePlus Church" in your device's app storethis link now simply re-directs to the product listed in item #2)

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the parish church office at 605/745-3393.