Our Mission

We, the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, desire to live in accordance with our diocesan mission statement, within in our parish:

We, the Diocese of Rapid City, through the power of the Holy Spirit, are called to attract and form intentional disciples who joyfully, boldly, and lovingly proclaim and live the mission of Jesus Christ, leading to eternal life.

As stated, We recognize several important aspects of this statement: (1) the Diocese, (2) the Holy Spirit, (3) Christian discipleship, (4) the mission of Christ, and (5) eternal life:

  1. As part of our diocesan Church, as a parish church, We recognize our part in sharing in the mission of the diocesan (and Catholic) Church, specifically within our parish;
  2. As recipients of the Holy Spirit (via Baptism and Confirmation), We recognize that He is our foundational Spirit on mission and not merely our own spirit(s) (see Acts 2:1ff; John 20:19ff);
  3. As these spiritual missionaries in Christ, We recognize that a continuous maturing of Christian discipleship within ourselves is required in order to attract and form others in that same spirituality (see the lives of Ss. Peter & Paul);
  4. As missionary disciples of Christ, We recognize that the Holy Spirit is the power is to proclaim (see Luke 1:46-55; Acts 2:14-41) and live (see Gal 2:20) this Gospel mission with joy, boldness, and love; and
  5. As indicated in Our Vision statement, We recognize that our missionary activity, given shape by our pastoral priorities, is ultimately directed toward the Beatific Vision of God in eternal life.