Limited Public Masses

As per the announcement of May 1, 2020 (also, see video to the right), Fr. Mulloy (our diocesan administrator) allowed for parishes to resume Masses celebrated with a congregation, with a limited amount of attendees (i.e., "limited public Masses" = "these Masses"). This applies not only for Sunday Mass, but for weekday Mass as well. (Please remember that all Catholics in the Diocese of Rapid City remain dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.) These Masses (Sunday or otherwise) are being provided so that those who desire to attend Mass may do so throughout the week (and not necessarily only on Sunday).

These Masses have certain guidelines, limitations, and restrictions, some noted as follows:

Guidelines for attending these Masses with a limited number of people:

  • If you have face mask, you are encouraged (but not required) to wear it
    • If you don't have one, some will be available at the church building
  • Please wash your hands before leaving home
    • Sanitizer will also be available at the church building
  • You/your household will be checked-in at the exterior door of the church building
  • Upon entering the church building, maintain six (6) feet of distance between yourself/your household and others
  • Please be seated (by an usher) in designated pews and maintain proper distancing

Adjustments to these Masses include:

  • A collection basket will be located near the entrance to the worship space
  • Communion will be distributed in a single-file line with proper distancing; other directions may be given
    • Receiving Communion in the hand is encouraged; if receiving on the tongue, please wait until all others receive

Other Notes:

  • Socializing/visiting in the church building following these Masses is strongly discouraged
  • Pews where people were seated during these Masses will be sanitized following Mass
  • Please wash your hands when you return home

Based on spacing guidelines, St. Anthony of Padua is able to accommodate 72 people at these Masses (including the priest and any ministers) in the parish church building's worship space. Therefore, in order to allow all parishioners an "equitable and fair" way to attend these Masses, Fr. Gerlach requests that you register for no more than two (2) Sunday Masses per month at this time. (There are no frequency restrictions on attending weekday Masses; you can attend as many as you desire.)

I want to register to attend these "Limited (Sunday) Masses"
Want help? Contact the parish church office (M-F, 8a-5p) for assistance: 605/745-3393.

Fr. Gerlach requests that you attend these Masses in your community in order to (1) allow people to attend these Masses in their own community and (2) mitigate the possibility of communicating disease from community to community. Again, the purpose of these Masses isn't necessarily to gather as a full parish community (as this isn't possible given attendee limitations), but to allow those who desire to attend Mass to do so.