Welcome to the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua!
We are a community of Christian faithful stably constituted in and around Hot Springs, S.D.,
in the Diocese of Rapid City.


This Week at St. Anthony's


Monday, December 4

Holy Communion outside Mass @ 7:00am

Rosary Cenacle @ 10:00am


Tuesday, December 5

Morning Prayer @ 7:00am


Wednesday, December 6

Morning Prayer @ 7:00am

Open Hearts @ 6:30pm


Thursday, December 7

Morning Prayer @ 7:00am


Friday, December 8

Morning Prayer @ 7:00am

Mass @ 6:00pm (Holy Day)


Saturday, December 9

Morning Prayer @ 7:30am

   followed by Eucharistic Adoration (1 hour)


Sunday, December 10

Mass @ 10:30am

Church building hours: M-F, 8am - 5pm.

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Information related to Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19

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HelpLine Center - 2-1-1 Community Resources

Available Services:

Catholic Social Services (CSS):

  • Financial Assistance via CSS (now defunct) for western S.D. families. You can apply for aid or donate to this Fund directly via CSS.
  • Telehealth Counseling Services via CSS: While the medical toll of the viral pandemic is frightening, so is the threat that it presents to the social, spiritual, and mental health of people, according to CSS counselors.

Needs arising from the viral pandemic (sickness, reduced wages, loss of work, etc.)? Please see above re: CSS; call the parish church office or the deacons (these numbers are listed in the bulletin) or the after-hours/emergency line at 605/745-3278. - Fr. Gerlach

From Fr. Gerlach, pastor of St. Anthony of Padua (and St. James, Edgemont): Fr. Michel Mulloy, our diocesan administrator, has issued several directives regarding the realities that we are currently facing with the viral pandemic. First, all celebrations of Mass in a public setting, regardless of location, have been suspended (effective March 18) until further notice (issued March 17). Therefore, all Masses celebrated publicly (Sunday and weekday) in Hot Springs (and Edgemont) are suspended until further notice.

(see second column regarding Masses celebrated at a private location, etc.)

All health care facilities in Hot Springs (the Fall River Health Services hospital, the Seven Sisters Living Center, the State Veterans Home, and the VA campus) have restricted visitor policies until further notice. Please visit the S.D. Dept. of Health site for more information regarding this reality in the state (FYI: this site also has links to the national CDC site and the international WHO site).

However, Fr. Gerlach will still celebrate Mass -- by himself -- during the week at the usual times (when in Hot Springs: see Mass Times below; times differ slightly when in Custer) at a private location; Sunday Mass will be celebrated only on Sunday morning at 8am, again, at a private location. Also, there are already opportunities to participate in Mass via TV or online (also, see to the right), along with Resources for Personal or Family Prayer. Please note, to be clear and explicit: Holy Communion will be administered only as Viaticum (i.e., Holy Communion for the dying) during this suspension. Parish Church Office Hours (see below) are still in effect, so you are still able to come to the church building and visit Our Eucharistic Lord in the tabernacle during these hours (Sat. and Sun. open hours will be 9am-5pm). However, Eucharistic Adoration will be provided every day (Monday - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), 3-5pm (therefore, Eucharistic Adoration on first Fridays is modified to follow these hours).

Parish Church Office Hours (see below) remain in effect, and you are able to come to the church building and visit our Eucharistic Lord in the tabernacle during these hours. Also, Eucharistic Adoration is provided on Tuesdays, 3-5pm (also, first Fridays, 8am - 5pm).

Diocese of Rapid City
West River Catholic

June, 2022, e-edition

Diocese of Rapid City
West River Catholic

DRC WRC July, 2022, e-edition
July, 2022, edition


Christian Funeral for
Violet Inman †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Mon., 6/6)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Tues., 6/7)

Christian Nuptial Mass
Eslinger Wedding

~ Christian Nuptial Mass ~
(Wed., 5/11)

Christian Funeral for
Rainee Garza †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Mon., 3/28)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Tues., 3/29)

Christian Wedding of

~ Christian Nuptial Mass ~
(Sat., 12/18)

~ Archived Masses ~

Christian Funeral for
Patrick Weiss †

~ Christian Funeral Liturgy ~
(Wed., 2/16)

Christian Funeral for
Mary Breyer †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Wed., 12/22)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Thurs., 12/23)

Christian Funeral for
Ray Ecoffey †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Mon., 12/13)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Tues., 12/14)

Christian Nuptial Mass
Domagata Wedding

~ Christian Nuptial Mass ~
(Fri., 5/28)

Christian Funeral for
Cecile Tays †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Tues., 2/9)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Wed., 2/10)

Weekday Mass (Sat., 12/5):
Sat. of the First Week of Advent
(Int.: Paul Wittenberg †)

Christian Funeral for
Leo Hagenson †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Thurs., Nov. 5)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Fri., Nov. 6)

Christian Funeral for
Don Gannon †

~ Christian Funeral Vigil ~
(Mon., Aug. 31)

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Tues., Sept. 1)

Christian Memorial Mass
(William "Bill" Curley †)
(Fri., May 29)

Christian Funeral for
Dorothy Doerner †

~ Christian Funeral Mass ~
(Tues., May 19)

Mass Times

Sundays - 10:30am

Every Other Week (see bulletin):
Mondays - 7:00am (Holy Communion Outside Mass)
Tuesday through Friday - 7:00am
Saturday - 7:30am

State Veterans Home
10:00am [Thurs. after 1st Wed]

Seven Sisters Living Center
10:00am [Thurs. after 5th Wed.]

Pine Hills
to be confirmed

Holy Days (see bulletin calendar)

Parish Church Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm (lunch break, noon - 1:00pm)

Parish Church Personnel